Height Works with Alpinists

Corinth Canal Rock Formation Removal with Expandle Equipment.

Our Company had overcome a great obstacle in the Greece Corinth Canal Project that required the removal of a Great Mass of Rock formation (approximately 200m3)that was unstable, in one shot operation. This gave the Owner the advantage of not affecting the passing through ship programming as it was demolished and retrieved inside their maintenance period.

Following our Inspection with our Alpinist Crew, and with our Company Engineers, we revised a first its kind methodology, repurposing earthquake rescue equipment for allowing us to safely programme a greater push to the Rock formation mass, making it fall upon its own self-weight immediately. Relative Video showing the steps taken and the demolition of the mass.

Demolition of Rock formation and slopes with AUTOSTEM: Gas Expansion Materials for fragmentation.

The AutoStem product is one of the first non-explosive, self-stemming products, designed for applications in tunnels, open pit mining & urban rock crumbling. The technology has been developed for many years in response to global demand for rock / semi-rock fragmentation technology that meets the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

AutoStem Blasting Cartridges are classified by the United Nations in accordance with UN Code 1.4s, which characterizes technology outside the conventional Explosive Category, safe for airplane/passenger transport. Rock Breaking Cartridges contain a high energy release agent, offering the same expanding thermal value (c 5,000 j / g), but without the high explosive velocity (VOD) of conventional VOD explosive ranging from 5,000-9,000 m / s. The low VOD (of the order of 340 m / s), is what makes AutoStem Cartridges so functional in areas where explosives are prohibited. By eliminating the shockwave of conventional explosives, AutoStem Cartridges promise results in closed and urban areas with increased efficiency and controlled fragmentation.

Height Works with Alpinists

Our Team of Certified Rigg-Access Technicians (Alpinists) and with the Suspended Platforms, we can approach any height, avoiding the high costs of conventional ways of access and Lifting equipment to perform any assigned task.

Our Team has collaborated with Companies for Cleaning, Painting, Minor Repairing, Removal, and Rock Demolition without Explosive agents as well as the installation of Protection Nets in Slopes for Safety.

Wind Turbine Services

Our Company has collaborated for external Wind Turbines Services and Blade Cleaning according to the Highest Environmental Standards. Our crew had attended Seminars from Jotun and Hempel for Wind turbine paint defects and restoration procedures with specialized equipment for As-like sandblasting methods.

Non-Explosive & No Blasting Rock Demolition

When a job has “no blasting” specifications, the non-explosive demolition agent an expansive mortar should be used to break concrete or rock quickly and quietly. It starts with the typical demolition process of drilling holes in rock or concrete, but instead of explosives, this mortar is mixed and poured into the holes and it expands with a force of over 8000 t/m2 overcoming the tensile strength of the rock or concrete, thereby breaking them open.

It is environmentally friendly because it releases no toxic fumes or harmful substances of any kind and it can be used in an almost unlimited range of applications and particularly to break, cut, or demolish rocks, concrete, and reinforced concrete when explosives cannot be used for safety
reasons. It is ideal for use in situations where surrounding buildings or other structures would be damaged by flying debris or shock waves. There is no need for shaft or pit evacuation during blasting. It is non-explosive, therefore supervision of trained personnel is not

How Does it Work
It develops highly expansive capabilities at the consistent volume exceeding 8000 T/M2 more than enough to break up any materials to be cut or demolished. The strength for most rock is less than 5 25 Mpa (500 2500 T/m2 50 250 kg /cm 2), Reinforced concrete breaks at 3 5 Mp (30-50kg /cm2,).

Where It Can Be Used
It can be used on any type of rock formation, concrete, reinforced concrete, or tiled structures.

  • Restricted demolition of rock and concrete structures where nearby structures must be protected from shock waves generated by explosions.
  • Pre splitting of rock formations, to create isolated blocks that can then be more easily demolished.
  • Cutting blocks of marble and granite more economically than with the traditional helicoidally wire cutting method.
  • Excavations and demolition of rock formations or cement, concrete structures where the use of explosives would be expensive due to long operating times, special transport, storage and handling precautions, and the need to comply with public safety regulations